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Low Carb and What You Need to Know

Low Carb and What You Need to Know

Many people that make the decision to lose weight and get fit often begin with joining a gym as the first step.  Some gym memberships offer various support resources to help you get your health under control.  One of the more popular questions members have is the best diet for weight loss.  So many people have heard and seen the results that could happen from low carb eating.  This leads to questions on how safe a low carb diet is for weight loss.  The obvious success rates from limiting and balancing carbs have lead to a creation of a variety of low carb eating programs.  This can be a bit overwhelming, especially for someone new to exercise and healthy eating programs.  Follow these guidelines to learn more about the role carbs should play and see how easy it is to make that scale go down.  

Going Without Carbs

When you go without carbs or low carbs you eat a variety of the other healthy food groups to satisfy your hunger.  Eating low carbs leads to a decreased appetite.  On a low carb diet you eat until you are full. Carbohydrates turn on hunger and eating less carbs balances hunger.

Losing Important Grains?

The vitamins and minerals gained from certain breads, beans and grains can be found in other non-carb foods.  There is also an abundance of these nutrients found in fresh vegetables and lean protein.  Your low carb dieting can include fresh fruit which is packed with vitamins, fiber, nutrients and natural sugar. 

Important Grains


If you eat less than 50 grams of carbs a day, ketosis happens.  When your body does not get carbs, it releases fat that goes to your liver and creates ketosis.  Its mission is to give the brain the glucose it needs to function.  Ketosis has shown to produce positive effects on the body and should not be feared.  Also, this is not to be mistaken with ketoacidosis, a life threatening situation which happens with uncontrolled diabetes. 

Preferred Source of Fuel

When proteins and fat are your staple, they become recognized in your body as your preferred source of fuel.  That said, it can lead to a reduction in blood levels.

Lose Water Weight

It is true the first stages of your low carb eating weight loss comes from excess water and sodium.  The glucose stored in your muscles and liver has water in it.  When this goes down, so does water weight.  Next low carbs decrease insulin and the kidney releases water.  But after that your next round of weight loss is body fat. This typically takes about a week.

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If you want to try a safe and effective plan for weight loss, then low carb eating may be for you.  It has proven to be a safe approach that is easy to follow and you can remain on it long term.