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Exercise Is Just As Important For Children

Exercise Is Just As Important For Children

When someone says the word “exercise,” most people immediately think of adults working out in the gym. The unfortunate truth is that too many kids aren't getting enough exercise. Childhood and teen obesity has skyrocketed in recent years, but it is totally preventable. Exercise has a myriad of benefits that people of just about every age can enjoy. There are millions of kids who come home from school, plop down in front of the TV or computer and vegetate for hours before turning in for the night. This has to change.

How Kids Benefit From Physical Activity

If you are a parent, an uncle, an aunt or even a babysitter, it is imperative that you encourage the children in your life to exercise. Being active is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Aside from toning muscles, it boosts skin health, improves sleep, heightens the body's immune function and strengthens bones. Adolescents obtain extensive mental health benefits from exercise, especially when it comes to preventing depression. Physical activity boosts mood and even improves self-image. This is especially important for girls, who tend to feel more depressed than boys during the adolescent years.

Don't Assume Kids are Exercising in School

The Department of Health and Human Services reports that gym class is no longer required after eighth grade in many states. That is a shame, considering the sedentary lifestyle of so many of today's youngsters. It seems as though our kids are sitting all day and staring at screens, packing on the pounds and feeling down. Because there is no guarantee your child will be physically active during the school day, it is imperative that you encourage him or her to exercise. Sign your child up for Little League, a Boys and Girls troop or take him or her with you when you go to the gym. It's a whole lot easier for kids to stay active if they are surrounded by friends or family during these activities. Even a lengthy walk around the neighborhood with mom or dad after dinner will help. A regular walking program will promote weight loss, decrease heart rate, bolster muscles and lift your child's spirit.

Don't Assume Kids Are Exercising in School

The Importance of Strong Muscles

Kids with weak muscles do not burn the same number of calories as their peers with strong muscles. While most understand that consistent exercise increases muscle strength, people are generally unaware of the fact that strong muscles really do stimulate the burning of calories as muscle is a metabolically active tissue. Promote the idea of a regular exercise schedule for your child and he'll build considerably more muscle that will continue to burn the calories even when he is sitting idle at home or in school.

Get Started at the Gym 

If you would like to get in shape, maintain your toned figure or find a way to improve your child's physical fitness, Forever Fitness is the solution. We offer gym memberships starting at only $10 per month that provide access to all sorts of weights, fitness classes, cardio cinema, personal training and Kids' Club. Reach out to us today by dialing 614-986-9041, or visit us online at