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How to Be the Most Fit and Healthy You This Fall

How to Be the Most Fit and Healthy You This Fall

With the days getting shorter and the summer weather making its way out, it's easy to understand why some people start losing their motivation to hit the gym. But with holiday celebrations right around the corner, now is the perfect time of year to rev up your diet and exercise routine and take one of our awesome fitness classes.

Prepare to hit the new year with all you've got by getting inspired to make healthy lifestyle changes this fall. At Forever Fitness, we've got just the right healthy fall motivation tips to help you beat the after summer blues this year.

Find a Fun Fitness Routine

Sometimes you need to mix it up to get the most out of your workout routine. With our excellent personal training options, group fitness classes and stellar kickboxing/boxing instruction classes, it's easy to spice up your workouts with something new and fun. When you mix things up a bit, it's easy to find a renewed sense of joy in working out and staying fit.

Enrich Your Diet

Make a simple addition to your fall diet by adding hearty, healthy and tasty beans to recipes whenever possible. Beans are an awesome comfort food that are great for adding flavor, texture and protein to any meal. These tasty little legumes are also a great vegetarian protein option and are perfect for adding an extra punch of iron, potassium, fiber and folic acid to your diet. 

Fall is a Great Time to Get Outside for a Walk or Hike

Enjoy the Weather

The fall season is the perfect time of year to take your fitness routine outside so that you can enjoy the weather. Whether you're walking, hiking or out for a run, the fall weather is the only excuse you need to get out and take in the scenery. Even a vigorous game of fetch with your dog or a day spent kayaking out on the lake can offer a great workout and a beautiful day outdoors.

Conquer the Darkness

Just because it starts getting darker earlier doesn't mean you have to skip your after work gym session. Learn to deal with the darkness and stick to your 6 o'clock gym visit. Your body and your mind will thank you for it later on. As an alternative, you can always start hitting the gym or trail in the early morning before work.

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Get a Fall Check Up

Since fall is all about renewal, it is the perfect time to focus on your heart health. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. Knowing these numbers can help prevent heart disease and keep you in the gym for many years to come.

Get Fit This Fall at Forever Fitness

At Forever Fitness we offer much more than just traditional gym memberships. To learn more about our full service gym, expert staff and other awesome features be sure to visit us online today.